Frame Overview

Classic construction with a modern touch. The OS-LUG features oversized tubes and fully lugged construction, but with a 6 degree sloping top tube and custome Fuso geometry.  Fusos have always been quick, nimble, and comfortable on longer rides and races. The compact design offers more rigidity while maintaining a comfortable steel, lugged feel.  The 31.8 top and seat tubes and the 35mm down tube highly increase the lateral rigidity and transfer that energy forward making the bike feel “alive” when hitting the pedals hard. The flagship model of the line up is available with Nova, Columbus ,or KVA stainless tubes. It is also available as a fully stainless frame, with stainless lugs, tubes and dropouts, (brushed only). Pair it up with an ENVE carbon fork, or a handmade steel (or stainless steel) fork.

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